Homes in Vietnam

In 2012, our company partnered with Charaplast, a 501c (3) non-profit corporation that builds homes for poor families in Vietnam.  Since we believe in giving back to those with less opportunity, especially those in war torn countries whose plights are results of situations beyond their control, it was natural to align Humabuilt with building houses for poor families in Vietnam.

Vietnam has experienced massive destruction in infrastructure, businesses, homes, healthcare facilities, and educational systems for their citizens due to the Vietnam War, not to mention countless lives lost as a result of the bombing and killing from that war. As such, it has been difficult for much of the population of Vietnam since the war ended. There many families who live without adequate food and shelter.  Countless people are still living in worn down shacks with no running water, electricity or bathrooms.

These conditions are definitely unsafe and unhygienic for people to reside.  For these reasons, Humabuilt was inspired to help and to apply our expertise and partner with Charaplast to help the people of Vietnam.  We pledge to continue with this movement until every homeless family has a new, clean, safe, sturdy home for them and their families to inhabit. If you are interested in joining us in this wonderful movement to donate or volunteer, please visit to find out more about Charaplast and its charitable services