Mike Foley's Tips on Real Estate Investment


Success in real estate investment comes with experience, which provides knowledge in knowing when to buy, how to finance a deal, how to find investors, how to manage contractors, how to sell your properties, etc.. If you do not have the experience, then finding the right resource to provide you that knowledge is just as powerful, because without it you can find yourself wasting time and more importantly money, making bad decisions and getting involved in the wrong transactions.

Humabuilt has over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry as a builder, realtor, and a consultant to city government agencies for developing affordable housing projects and socioeconomic strategies for communities. Our expertise in the real estate industry is a wealth of information for anyone with real estate interests to benefit from and achieve their goals.

Follow us for current local and national real estate tips and market trends that can affect your real estate investments. Contact us at info@humabuilt.com to get more information about our real estate investment group or if you would like to partner with us on projects.

Jack Neimark